Ensuring artificial intelligence is for human good, not evil

‘The leaders at the forefront of developing this technology need to remember that part of their role is to educate people on how they will benefit from this technology so that the inevitable realisation that the machines are coming is welcomed with anticipation for positive changes, not fear and uncertainty’ The Wall Street Journal recently reported that start-ups will have a prominent role at this year’s Paris Air Show.  Around 100 companies will have the opportunity to pitch to receive funding from the big boys of aerospace at an event where young companies were once shunted to the side.  It’s further evidence of a trend that is playing out across the science and technology sector and being picked up by the media: established industry players in science and technology are increasingly looking to start-ups and entrepreneurs for innovations, be they new designs, materials or just different ideas about operations. The industry has definitely caught on to the fact that we are in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution, encompassing the advancement of 3D printing, artificial intelligence (AI) and energy storage, to name just a few elements.  Scientific and tech leaders also know that two heads are better than one…

Link to Full Article: Ensuring artificial intelligence is for human good, not evil

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