Event[0] Review – All the Stars Look at You

Developed by and published by Ocelot Society. Released on Sept 20, 2016. Available on PC (reviewed) and Mac. Review code provided by publisher.Humanity is out there, left alone, drifting in space. Event[0] has left me feeling that way, with my gloved palm pressed against the cold glass of the Nautilus. Outside, there is nothing but disquieting silence-an enormous void of blackness, wreckage, and distant stars. The only life left rests inside the cold metal panels of the ship, and the rudimentary artificial intelligence baked into the dated and clunky computer terminals. Out in the eternal nothingness of space, the crew of the Europa 11 were slated to establish themselves on Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter. Prior to arrival, a code red is called, which funnels all personnel to…

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