Facebook and Intel reign supreme in ‘Doom’ AI deathmatch

On the island of Santorini, Greece, a group of AIs has been facing off in an epic battle of Doom. This is VizDoom, a contest born from one man’s idea: To improve the state of artificial intelligence by teaching computers the art of fragging. That simple notion then spiraled into a battle between tech giants, universities and coders. Over the past few months they’ve all been honing their bots (known as “agents”), building up to one, final death match. Okay, it was a lot more than one match. But that doesn’t sound nearly as dramatic. The competition is all about machine visual learning. Just like when you or I play Doom, the agents can only make decisions based on what they “see,” and have no access to information within the…

Link to Full Article: Facebook and Intel reign supreme in ‘Doom’ AI deathmatch

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