Facebook Open-Sources Deep Learning Project Torchnet

Facebook published an academic paper and blog detailing the Lua-based Torchnet, it’s new open-source project centered around deep learning and built on the previously open-sourced Torch library. Laurens van der Maaten of the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research laboratory (FAIR) noted in an interview that it can be applied to things like image recognition, natural language processing, and that its approach is similar to the Blocks and Fuel Python libraries for the Theano framework. He also noted: It makes it really easy to, for instance, completely hide the costs for I/O [input/output], which is something that a lot of people need if you want to train a practical large-scale deep learning system. The abstractions provided via Torchnet are reportedly not limited to Torch and can be applicable to Caffe and TensorFlow…

Link to Full Article: Facebook Open-Sources Deep Learning Project Torchnet

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