Facebook open sources more machine vision, AI code

Facebook’s artificial intelligence research team is open sourcing more code, frameworks and research on machine vision and facial recognition. In a blog post, Facebook AI Research, or FAIR, said its latest code on machine vision is being opened up. The trio of tools include: DeepMask, which is a segmentation framework; SharpMask, which combined with DeepMask enables Facebook’s machine vision systems to detect every object in an image; MultiPathNet, which labels each object and classifies it in an image. For Facebook, this technology is critical since its users are sharing and using more visual content. Ultimately, Facebook is hoping to enable image searching without tags or captions. Machine vision hasn’t been able to catch up with humans yet, but the gap between the two is closing. For instance, the New Yorker…

Link to Full Article: Facebook open sources more machine vision, AI code

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