Facebook’s AI tech mimics how humans learn

FACEBOOK IS A COMPANY known primarily for its social feed of emotional statuses, endless emojis, pictures of ‘hols with the ladz’, and of course a big blue thumbs-up. Normally associated with tech giants like IBM, Google and Apple, or some disruptive Tech City startup, artificial intelligence (AI) is not the first thing to spring to mind when pondering Zuckerberg’s 1.5 billion-strong social network. Yet alongside solar-powered drones, virtual reality headsets and a wealth of coding tech, Facebook is also building its own deep learning and cognitive computing AI. “The core goal here is to build systems that can better understand and perceive the world the way we as people do, so it can help us manage that world,” said Mike Schroepfer (pictured) Facebook’s chief technical officer. This may sound like…

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