Facebook’s artificial intelligence is becoming ‘too human’

#Facebook has recently come to the forefront of #Artificial Intelligence research, with a series of projects that have both got praise and raised suspicion at the same time. On the one hand, its project to use artificial intelligence to stamp out extremist messages throughout this social media has been praised, while its project for decoding thoughts has raised some questions from both the moral and security aspects. Recently though, Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Research Division (FAIR) revealed the study that was done based on the process of teaching its #chatbots to negotiate. The results that it came up with are more than fascinating. Advertisements Advertisements Will artificial intelligence become ‘too human’? It is becoming quite evident that shortly we will be in a situation to have more and more business or similar type of interactions with chatbots and other forms of artificial intelligence. To envision what this process would be like, a FAIR team did an extensive research project and published its results publicly through Cornell University. The project started out with set goals in creating basic social skills dealing with negotiations. Facebook’s ‘negotiators’ had a set of standard trading objects, while each of them was given a specific set of…

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