Fact and Fiction Behind the Threat of ‘Killer AI’

As scientists continue to develop more and more advanced computer systems and the probability of creating a true artificial intelligence construct continues to increase, news headlines warning about the prospects of killer AIs threatening mankind are becoming increasingly widespread. However, Oren Etzioni, professor of Computer Science at the University of Washington and CEO of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, argues that such headlines are in fact strongly influenced by the work of one man: professor Nick Bostrom of the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University, author of the bestselling treatise Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, and Strategies.Essentially, Bostrom claims that if machine brains surpass human brains in general intelligence, the resultant new ‘superintelligence’ could replace humans as the dominant lifeform on Earth. Furthermore, according to his findings, there’s a 10-percent probability that human-level AI will be attained by 2022, a 50-percent probability that this feat will be achieved by 2040, and 90-percent probability that…

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