Fast Adoption of AI Leaves Marketers Scrambling

When interacting with artificial intelligence (AI), more and more of us are choosing our voices, rather than our screens, to ask questions, make purchases, do something or go somewhere. While this trend is viewed by some as an exciting advancement in technology and consumer convenience, it has left many marketers scrambling to keep up. According to a recent survey of more than 250 marketing leaders, most brands are woefully unprepared for the post-mobile world as roughly 66 percent of marketers lack any strategy when it comes to voice search. AI Is Here, But Marketers Are Unprepared During a recent interview with Erik Newton, Vice President of Customer Marketing and Head of SEO at BrightEdge (a leader in enterprise organic search and content performance, and the company behind the survey) I had the opportunity to find out exactly what marketers should be doing to best prepare for what lies ahead in a world where voice, not text, is king. According to Newton, “Marketers must be aware of several factors if they want their content to be relevant and accessible in the voice era. In the winner-take-all world of voice search, only one result is announced, which means that their content must…

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