Fearing the Robot Rebellion

Are storm clouds fomenting on the horizon of Artificial Intelligence? Are the likes of physicist Stephen Hawking or Tesla engineer Elon Musk only calling “Chicken Little” by warning that the sky might fall? No computer to date is intelligent. Not one can pass the Turing Test and fool a human operator. Yet, anxiety is mounting over the prospect of a future Singularity, when our artificially intelligent children will take over, discard us their progenitors, and set their own agenda for future evolution. Though a few transhumanists such as Ray Kurzweil at Singularity University celebrate this prospect, numerous respected scientists rank themselves among the conservatives, the cautious voices, the Luddites. Where should wisdom lead us? What is the real problem? Writing in the current issue of Scientific American [http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/should-we-fear-supersmart-robots/], University of…

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