First AI-Brewed Beer on Sale in London

IntelligentX Brewing Co. sells four flavors—golden, amber, pale, and black—for £4.50 each. Artificial intelligence (AI) powers computer games, medical studies, shopping, scientific breakthroughs, and … beer brewing? IntelligentX Brewing Co. has introduced what it calls “the world’s first beer brewed by artificial intelligence.” The London-based microbrewery is putting a new twist on an old tradition, using machine learning and a Facebook Messenger bot to spot trends and improve its product. “We currently live in a world where companies are using our data to target more advertising at us. We believe we can do something more useful with data,” IntelligentX co-founder Hew Leith said in a statement to PCMag. “We can use data to create better products that improve over time. “In this example we [are] combining customer feedback data and…

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