Flink Bindings Overview

Getting Started To get started, add the following dependency to the pom: org.apache.mahout mahout-flink_2.10 0.12.0 Here is how to use the Flink backend: import org.apache.flink.api.scala._ import org.apache.mahout.math.drm._ import org.apache.mahout.math.drm.RLikeDrmOps._ import org.apache.mahout.flinkbindings._ object ReadCsvExample { def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = { val filePath = “path/to/the/input/file” val env = ExecutionEnvironment.getExecutionEnvironment implicit val ctx = new FlinkDistributedContext(env) val drm = readCsv(filePath, delim = “t”, comment = “#”) val C = drm.t %*% drm println(C.collect) } } Current Status The top JIRA for Flink backend is MAHOUT-1570 which has been fully implemented. Implemented MAHOUT-1701 Mahout DSL for Flink: implement AtB ABt and AtA operators MAHOUT-1702 implement element-wise operators (like A + 2 or A + B) MAHOUT-1703 implement cbind and rbind MAHOUT-1709 implement slicing (like A(1 to 10, ::)) MAHOUT-1710 implement right in-core matrix…

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