FLIR Boson Camera Merges Thermal Imagery With AI

The camera delivers a new take on visual imaging. Flir Systems, a company that has built its name on thermal imaging, has partnered with Movidius for AI-powered imagery. The companies on Monday announced that the Flir Boson, the company’s latest thermal imaging camera core, will come with the Movidius Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit. The combination will create a single thermal imaging core, allowing for artificial intelligence to come to thermal imaging products. “We’re pleased to work with Movidius to deliver this amount of compute power into the size, weight and power requirements of the product you see today,” Andy Teich, President and CEO of Flir Systems said in a statement. “With system-on-a-chip interfaces and machine intelligence capability available through Movidius, we enable Flir cores to make greater sense of…

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