Research interests FlyBase is a database of genetic, genomic and functional data for Drosophila species, with a focus on the model organism Drosophila melanogaster. We integrate information from the research literature and various external databases and projects, and make these data available to the research community via our public website. In so doing, FlyBase provides an essential bioinformatic resource to the genetics, genomics and biomedical research communities all over the world. The FlyBase project is a collaboration between four groups based at Harvard University, USA (PIs Norbert Perrimon and Cassandra Extavour); Indiana University, USA (PI Thom Kaufman); The University of New Mexico, USA (PIs Maggie Werner-Washburne and Richard Cripps); and The University of Cambridge, UK (PI Nick Brown). The FlyBase-Cambridge division comprises a team of literature curators and an ontologist.…

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