FlyElephant Turns One, Announces Collaboration with HPC-HUB

Nov. 10 — In November, FlyElephant celebrates its first year of access to the public. FlyElephant is a platform for data scientists, engineers and researchers, which accelerates their work and improves their business by automating data science and engineering simulation tasks. “Thanks to the support from Microsoft and Amazon with the programs BizSpark Plus and AWS Activate, as well as the cooperation with the data center UNIT-IS and cluster SCIT, we were able to build a platform which can work with different computing resources and automate tasks. The platform supports the public clouds Azure and AWS, HPC-clusters based on SLURM and Docker-clusters based on Swarm. We’ve already integrated more than 30 different languages and tools into FlyElephant, and their number is constantly growing. During this past year, the system has been…

Link to Full Article: FlyElephant Turns One, Announces Collaboration with HPC-HUB

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