Forget the SciFi-like doomsday myths – AI can benefit society

Aversions towards new technologies have been common throughout history, and artificial intelligence (AI) is no different. Earlier this month, Elon Musk called AI a “fundamental risk to human civilisation” . The Tesla founder and renowned technologist was joining the ranks of those who think that the rise of AI could bring about a dystopian science fiction scenario: machines taking our jobs and out-of-control robots making their own rules. Read more: Robot wars: Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are embroiled in a geeky AI spat Although most of the potential benefits are yet to be realised, this year AI has truly become a mainstream topic. Every industry is exploring ways in which it can improve traditional practices, from autonomous cars to algorithmic trading. Despite this, conversations seem to be unduly focused on fear about how these developments will impact our society. As a result, we risk allowing this fear-based narrative to overshadow public opinion. We need to ensure there is balanced discussion of the risks and benefits, including the positive impact AI could have on both the labour market and society. If implemented responsibly and proactively, there is huge scope for AI to revolutionise the way in which we live and…

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