Four Things We Learned from the New Datach’i Album ‘System’

By Daryl Keating Published Aug 22, 2016 It’s been a whole decade since Datach’i (a.k.a Joseph Fraioli) has released an album; the last we heard from the New York-based producer was a shattered slice of abstract sound collages titled Shock Diamonds. But Fraioli has now made his return, releasing the new album System, out now on Timesig.Delving into the new album with Fraioli, here are four things we’ve learned about his return with System. 1. It actually makes sense that he’s the second artist ever on Timesig. While Datach’i has released music on Planet Mu, his new effort Signals is on sub-label Timesig — a label that, to date, has only seen releases from Winnipeg electronic artist Aaron Funk (a.k.a. Venetian Snares). Datach’i shares both a past and an interest in modular…

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