Fujitsu Will Pursue AI with Custom-Built Processor

Home News Fujitsu Will Pursue AI with Custom-Built Processor Michael Feldman | July 10, 2017 18:48 CEST Japanese computer-maker Fujitsu is developing an AI-specific microprocessor called the Deep Learning Unit (DLU). The company’s goal is to produce a chip that delivers 10 times better performance per watt than the competition. Source: Fujitsu Although the DLU has been in the works since at least 2015, Fujitsu hasn’t talked much about its design. However, last month at ISC 2017, Takumi Maruyama delivered an update on Fujitsu’s HPC and AI efforts, and offered a fairly deep dive into the inner workings of its upcoming deep learning chip. Maruyama, who is the senior director of Fujitsu’s AI Platform Division, has been involved in SPARC processor development since 1993 and is currently working on the DLU project. According to Maruyama, like many of the other processors built for deep learning, the DLU relies heavily on lower precision math to optimize both performance and energy efficiency for processing neural networks. Specifically, the chip natively supports FP32, FP16, INT16, and INT8 data types. Fujitsu has demonstrated that lower precision (16-bit and 8-bit) integer formats can be used to good effect on at least some deep learning applications,…

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