German Psychologists Declare “the Drugs Don’t Work”

Jürgen Margraf and Silvia Schneider, both well-known psychologists at the University of Bochum in Germany, claim that psychotropic drugs are no solution to mental health issues in an editorial for the latest issue of the journal EMBO Molecular Medicine. They argue that the effects of psychiatric drugs for depression, anxiety, and ‘ADHD’ are short-lived and may have negative long-term consequences. Open Access → “There are now plenty of data and evidence that, in the long term, the drugs do not work,” the authors write in their commentary, “From neuroleptics to neuroscience and from Pavlov to psychotherapy: more than just the ‘emperor’s new treatments’ for mental illnesses?” Margraf and Schneider begin by pointing out that the number of people in the industrialized world who are disabled because of mental health issues has…

Link to Full Article: German Psychologists Declare “the Drugs Don’t Work”

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