Goldman Sachs: ‘Bots’ is a buzzword

“Bots” has become a buzzword. Anyone near the fledgling industry would probably have agreed this was true for some time now as bots, artificial intelligence (A.I.), and conversational commerce combine to form a hurricane of hype. Last Friday, Goldman Sachs joined the chorus of voices calling bots overexposed — in this video explanation of bots, part of the company’s Buzzwords series. Other buzzwords, according to Goldman Sachs: “machine vision,” “athleisure,” and “liquid biopsy.” Bots are especially popular now for two specific reasons, said Jesse Hulsing of Goldman Sachs Research. “Bots are poised for continuing maturation for a couple of reasons. The first is that the channels are in place,” he said. “Messaging platforms are broadly adopted in the U.S. and globally. The second [reason] is that the technology behind…

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