Google acquired Artificial Intelligent Indian firm Halli Labs

Bengaluru-based #Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm, Halli #Labs is being acquired by Google on #June 12, 2017. Google is a world wide popular American Multinational technology company that specializes in internet-related services and products, founded on 4 September 1998 and its present Chief Executive Director is Mr. Sunder Pichai. This is Google’s first acquisition in India. Google is not only acquiring Halli Labs company but also hiring its employees. The amount of hiring the company is still undisclosed. The founder of Halli Labs is Mr. Pankaj Gupta. The aim of this acquisition is to expand artificial intelligence capabilities and to add new users to the internet. Advertisements Advertisements About Mr. Pankaj Gupta Pankaj Gupta had started working for Twitter [VIDEO] in 2011 as Senior Manager, Personalization and Recommendation and he quit his job at 2013. He has worked at Stayzilla as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) since June 2016 and left in March 2017. Currently, he is working as Director Of Engineering at Google NBU (Next Billion Users), San Francisco, California, USA.He is a combo product, data and engineering guy. He has published 30+ papers and 20+ patents. Halli Labs is a 4-month-old start up out of Bengaluru. According to Halli…

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