Google And AI: The Perfect PAIR?

Speech recognition, image search, translation — those are just the beginning for artificial intelligence, if Google is reading its pulse right. While machines are getting better and better at these skills, Google believes it can do more — can, and must, by putting people at the forefront of design. Google announced news on its blog on July 10 that it’s launching a new initiative, the People + AI Research initiative (PAIR), to study how humans and robots interact. With that understanding, researchers will be able to re-orient artificial intelligence (AI) systems to help people and machines help each other rather than just building AI software because they can. PAIR will look at new possibilities for AI applications and opportunities for making the technology more inclusive — i.e., as Fortune notes, not just letting the biggest companies hoard all the AI talent, but ensuring that everyone gets a piece of the smart pie. Google said it wants to share this vision and work with external designers and academics, building a community around its research, as the company believes to be its mission. As of July 10, it has open-sourced two visualization tools, Facets Overview and Facets Dive, to help AI engineers better understand the early…

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