Google Boosts Artificial Intelligence with Moodstocks Buyout

Making a strong push toward enhancing its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, the world’s leading search engine giant, Alphabet Inc.’s (GOOGL – Analyst Report) Google acquired Moodstocks, a French start-up specialized in instant smartphone image recognition. The financial terms of the deal remain under wraps.Moodstocks’ “deep-learning” AI technology, allows computers, including smartphones, to identify and remember objects in the real world. The company said that the on-device image recognition technology was developed in 2012 and has been developing object recognition using deep learning approaches.According to a statement on Moodstocks’ site, monthly recurring users can access the services until their subscriptions end. Post acquisition, image recognition API for smartphones will eventually be phased out. Also, Moodstocks’ team will join Google’s R&D center in Paris.Though the exact motive behind the acquisition is not…

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