Google, IBM look to mimic the human brain

Several years ago, there were reports that an IBM artificial intelligence (AI) project had mimicked the brain of a cat. Being the smartass that I am, I responded on Twitter with, “You mean it spends 18 hours a day in sleep mode?” That report was later debunked, but the effort to simulate the brain continues, using new types of processors far faster and more brain-like than your standard x86 processor. IBM and the U.S. Air Force have announced one such project, while Google has its own. + Also on Network World: Machine learning proves its worth to business + Researchers from Google and the University of Toronto last month released an academic paper titled “One Model To Learn Them All,” and they were pretty quiet about it. What Google is proposing is a template for how to create a single machine learning model that can address multiple tasks. Google calls this MultiModel. The model was trained on a variety of tasks, including translation, language parsing, speech recognition, image recognition and object detection. What Google found was the machine slowly but incrementally learned how to do the tasks better with each iteration. Machine translation, for example, improved with each pass. More significant,…

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