Google I/O 2016 recap: Rise of the machines

The message is clear — machines and gadgets are going to get smarter than we ever thought was possible. During the keynote presentation at Google I/O 2016, about 7,000 developers, enthusiasts and media professionals sat in the partially sun-soaked Shoreline Amphitheater and learned what Google has been working on lately, and what it means for the gadgets and gizmos about to be unleashed on the world. Buried in among the messaging apps, VR headsets and developer tools was a common theme — in 2016, machines are smart. And they’re going to get a lot smarter than we’re used to — and maybe more than we’re comfortable with. Daydream believer We can’t dismiss the excitement around Google Daydream VR — the answer to “affordable” consumer virtual reality applications and one of the…

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