Google I/O is calling all Android robot programmers

Pepper the robot participates in a Japanese ribbon-cutting ceremony earlier this year. Its manufacturer, SoftBank Robotics, is opening new offices in San Francisco and releasing a development kit for Android programmers.(Photo: Franck Robichon, EPA) MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Pepper the robot is coming to our shores later this year, and its creators want the help of Android developers to help make it smarter. Japan-based SoftBank Robotics announced Wednesday at Google I/O, the company’s annual developer’s conference, that it is opening a new Pepper-focused outpost in San Francisco and unveiling an Android SDK, or software development kit, in the hopes of enticing programmers to write code for the robot. “Pepper is ultimately an unfinished product, and we just wanted to incentivize developers to expand the ways in which people can engage with a humanoid robot,” says…

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