Google open-sources its artificial-intelligence toolkit ‘SyntaxNet’

Google is giving developers access to its artificial intelligence (AI) programming toolkit SyntaxNet – including the English language plug-in ‘Parsey McParseface’. SyntaxNet is an open-source neural network framework which provides a foundation for Natural Language Understanding (NLU) systems. Parsey McParseface is an English parser that Google has trained to analyze English text – it is the most accurate model of its kind in the world. Parsey can explain the functional role of each word in a sentence. It is difficult for computers to get parsing right because of the amount of ambiguity found in human languages. According to Google, it is common for sentences of around 20 words to have thousands of different possible syntactic structures. Google Senior staff research scientist Slav Petrov said in a blog post: “Parsey McParseface…

Link to Full Article: Google open-sources its artificial-intelligence toolkit ‘SyntaxNet’

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