Google Says Its D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer Really Works

In what could change the era of computers, researchers from Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab have demonstrated that a controversial machine billed as “the world’s first commercial quantum computer” really works, resoundingly beating a conventional computer in a series of tests. According to Google, which bought the machine along with the US space agency Nasa from Canadian startup D-Wave systems in 2013, this controversial machine can use quantum physics to work through a type of math that’s crucial to artificial intelligence much faster than a conventional computer. Nasa too hopes quantum computers could help schedule rocket launches and simulate future missions and spacecraft, MIT Technology Review reported. “It is a truly disruptive technology that could change how we do everything,” said Deepak Biswas, director of exploration technology at Nasa’s Ames…

Link to Full Article: Google Says Its D-Wave 2X Quantum Computer Really Works

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