Google to Launch ‘Magenta’ to See If AI Can Create Art

Google researcher Douglas Eck showing off an AI-generated image at Moogfest. (Pic-Quartz/Mike Murphy) 23 May 2016, USA : Google has been doing wonders in the field of Artificial Intelligence- Self-Drive cars, AlphaGo and now ‘Magenta’.It is launching a new research project called Magenta which will test the creative capabilities of artificial intelligence. Douglas Eck, a researcher on the Magenta project, said that the group will first tackle algorithms that can generate music, then move to video and then other visual arts. Magenta is a research project to explore using artificial intelligence to create art, and make that process easier for TensorFlow users. The group has about six researchers now, and will invite other academics to help try to solve the problem of creative machines. The project exists within Google Brain…

Link to Full Article: Google to Launch ‘Magenta’ to See If AI Can Create Art

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