Google: Transforming The Messenger

Summary GOOG is upgrading its mobile messenger with artificial intelligence. Given GOOG’s late entry into mobile messenger, AI could potentially differentiate GOOG and make it competitive against rival FB and Tencent. Remain bullish on GOOG core business. Optimistic on GOOG’s long-shot projects. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is building a new mobile messenger service that leverages its artificial intelligence to provide users with a combination of chat messenger and personal assistant. This is essentially an attempt to catch up with its rival Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) that’s owning the mobile messenger space in North America with its FB Messenger and WhatsApp. Comparing with the internet giants globally, GOOG has almost no presence in the mobile messenger space. As engagement gradually shifts to mobile messenger as the next wave of mobile communication and social media,…

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