Google Unveils Tensor Chip for Machine Learning

At the Google I/O 2016 the company unveiled hardware for Machine Learning systems that is fast-forwarding technology about seven years into the future (three generations of Moore’s Law). Machine learning has become an essential part of many services. Google says that the company has more than 100 teams using machine learning, from Street View, to Inbox Smart Reply, to voice search. Machine learning can benefit from tailored hardware. That’s why Google started a stealthy project at Google several years ago to develop the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), a custom ASIC we built specifically for machine learning and tailored for TensorFlow. Google has been running TPUs inside their data centers for more than a year, and have found them to deliver an order of magnitude better-optimized performance per watt for machine…

Link to Full Article: Google Unveils Tensor Chip for Machine Learning

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