Google uses DeepMind AI to cut data center PUE by 15%

Google DeepMind AI system has been used by the company to achieve significant reductions in power consumption in some of its data centers. Google’s advanced artificial intelligence subsidiary revealed that the savings translated into a 15 percent improvement in power usage efficiency (PUE). Artificial intelligence for sustainability Show Fullscreen Google data center in Oklahoma Source: Google DeepMind co-founder Demis Hassabis told Bloomberg that DeepMind was put in control of parts of Google’s data centers to reduce power consumption by manipulating computer servers and equipment such as cooling systems using its deep learning algorithms. “It controls about 120 variables in the data centers. The fans and the cooling systems and so on, and windows and other things,” Hassabis said. “They were pretty astounded.” Google used 4,402,836 MWh of electricity in 2014, a significant proportion of which…

Link to Full Article: Google uses DeepMind AI to cut data center PUE by 15%

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