Google’s Allo puts AI in a messaging app

Like a lot of messaging apps, Allo has something called Expressions. These look to be an amped up version of emojis and stickers. For example, Kay demonstrated something called Whisper Shout — sliding your finger down will result in a small-text “whisper” while sliding it up will prompt a large-text “shout.” You can also send full-bleed photos, with the ability to doodle over it like you can on Snapchat. Interestingly, Allo is based on your phone number — you sign up with it. Connecting Allo to your Google account is completely optional. Another neat feature is something called Smart Reply, which utilizes some of that machine learning mentioned earlier. So if someone says “Dinner later?” it’ll automatically suggest options like “I’m in!” or “I’m busy,” anticipating what you want to…

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