Google’s DeepMind Bests Lip-Reading Expert

When I warn about the robot apocalypse, no one takes me seriously. But they really need to start.  Google’s DeepMind, which is currently one of the world’s most advanced machine learning systems, has just racked up another incredible win, this time against an expert in lip-reading. That might not sound that special, it’s not a cut-throat game of chess, for example, but it really is astonishing. That’s because the advanced pattern and particular facial recognition is one of the most complex cognitive processes humans can do. It’s also what nearly one-quarter of our brain mass is dedicated to. Now that we’ve lost this to the machines, it’s only a matter of time before they replace us. Researchers at Oxford University helped with the tests. The human lip-reader and DeepMind watched…

Link to Full Article: Google’s DeepMind Bests Lip-Reading Expert

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