Google’s DeepMind plans to build an AI to beat ‘StarCraft II’

In a Friday announcement, British artificial intelligence (AI) firm DeepMind said that it has collaborated with videogame producer Blizzard Entertainment to release one of the major esports games — ‘StarCraft II’ — as an AI research environment. The announcement was made by Google-owned DeepMind at the BlizzCon 2016 event being held in Anaheim, California. In its announcement, DeepMind said that it will, in cooperation with Blizzard, open up StarCraft II to AI and Machine Learning researchers across the world. DeepMind’s announcement indicates that the company is apparently planning to go after the real-time strategy video game series, especially after its AlphaGo AI program beat the eminently complex ‘Go’ game in March this year. Describing StarCraft as a fascinating testing environment for present-day AI research, DeepMind said that the environment it…

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