Google’s lip-reading AI knocks out humans

Google’s lip-reading AI knocks out humans Lip-reading could be an extremely difficult task for a human, but with artificial intelligence, it could be a lot easier to discern speech. Researchers from Google’s DeepMind and the University of Oxford have managed to create a lip-reading AI that defeats the professionals in recognizing speech. According to the research paper published this month, the lip-reading AI was fed in total 118,000 sentences from six different TV programs, including BBC Breakfast, Newsnight, and Question Time. The system correctly deciphered the entire sentences just by looking at each speaker’s lips, defeating a professional lip-reader. The lip-reading AI annotated 46.8 percent of all words with no error, while the professional lip-reader annotated only 12.4 percent. “It’s a big step for developing fully automatic lip-reading systems,” says…

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