Google’s Next Design Project? Artificial Intelligence

We’re living in the Wild West of artificial intelligence, with products and companies popping up so quickly that we’ve had little time to understand what it truly means to integrate AI into our everyday lives. advertisement A new initiative at Google, called People + AI Research (PAIR), is the company’s attempt to rein in its horses and focus on distilling user-centric design principles to govern interactions between humans and artificially intelligent systems. How? For Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg–the two senior staff research scientists on the Google Brain team who are running PAIR–that means refocusing on different types of users and studying how AI can meet their needs–and then publishing design tools and guides for everyone from researchers to casual users. “Research could start to shed light on what are some of the first principles in user interaction that as technologists we should have in the back of our minds,” Viégas says. “What should be our guide? What should be the way in which we’re thinking about building new applications?” In that sense, it sounds like PAIR’s ultimate goal is to do for AI what Google’s Material Design guidelines did for user interface design, establishing best practices for designers using AI and framing the company as…

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