Google’s RAISR Upscales Images Using Machine Learning

Back in the day when displays would max out at 800×600 resolutions, having images measure 640×480 wasn’t a big deal. In fact it was considered to be pretty big back then. Fast forward to today with monitors reaching up to 5K, clearly an image with a 640×480 would feel almost grainy. However upscaling images isn’t just about resizing it by hand since that means that it could end up looking very pixelated, but it seems that Google might have figured out a way to do so seamlessly through a technique that they are calling, RAISR, which stands for Rapid and Accurate Image Super-Resolution, which helps to upscale images through machine learning. According to Google, existing methods of upscaling are fast but not particularly effective because the vivid details in the…

Link to Full Article: Google’s RAISR Upscales Images Using Machine Learning

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