Google’s WaveNet Mimics a Human’s Voice

Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Google DeepMind researchers have been busy creating a new artificial intelligence called WaveNet that has the ability to mimic human speech like no other machine out there.  The machine learns to mimic individual sound waves made by humans and is currently being tested in both US English and Mandarin Chinese, and so far, the results are pretty astonishing.  Although it hasn’t yet achieved 100 percent perfection, it is pretty close. The way in which WaveNet works is through speech synthesis, more commonly known as text-to-speech (TTS).  Because WaveNet is an AI, it also has the ability to learn and teach itself and is classed as a convolutional neural network.  It can carry out deep learning techniques which mean after been trained on different types…

Link to Full Article: Google’s WaveNet Mimics a Human’s Voice

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