Graava Camera's AI Automatically Picks, Synthesizes Best Video Clips

  • Graava action camera

Graava action camera (Photo : Facebook)

A startup company has designed a new action camera that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically find the best parts of a video footage and then combine them into one clip. After the model’s sensors and algorithms determine the best scenes it then uploads the edited version to the cloud.

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Users could use the Graava camera to film everyday events. There are also other applications such as the recording of road rage incidents.

The camera is linked to a mobile app from which users can set the edited video’s length. For instance, a one-hour recording could be cut to a one-minute clip.

The camera’s software evaluates the sensor data highlights. They include loud noises or speech that the microphone picked up, and stops and starts detected by the accelerometer, according to NBC News. Users are informed when the edited video can be shared via social networks.

It should be noted that the software’s AI is not perfect, as filmmaking is not an exact science. Users have the option to manually add extra interesting scenes.

Graava is approximately the size of a pack of cigarettes and could be attached to a cap or helmet. It is also lightweight.

The new camera’s features include a speaker and microphone, GPS, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules. It can even also collect heart rate data from the Apple Watch and other smartwatches, to determine when users sense something thrilling.  

Graava’s image sensor can shoot 1080 and 720-pixel video at 30 and 60 frames per second (fps), respectively, according to PC World. A wireless charging mat powers up the camera.

The subscription service is optional. It allows users to store multiple cameras’ recordings in the cloud, and then automatically combine them into a single video clip.

The Graava camera is available for a limited time at around $250, which is similar to the price tags of some GoPro models. It is scheduled to be shipped out in February 2016, when the cost will be bumped up to $400.


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Source: Graava Camera's AI Automatically Picks, Synthesizes Best Video Clips

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