Great brands ‘thrive on wastage’

It’s official. Science is squeezing out the art in advertising. Well, it’s not quite official, but during a debate held by Thinkbox and The Debating Group in the House of Commons on Monday the votes were cast and the motion upheld. The main gripe is that the new age of data science, specifically, is unable to effectively build brands in the same way traditional (read ‘broadcast’) advertising can. Helping to win the debate, Charles Vallance, the V in VCCP (pictured), said that although greater efficiency and targeting offered by data science were good things, there was a “subversive truth” that those too infatuated with it should take note of. “Great brands are imprecise,” he argued. “They thrive on wastage. In fact, in the art of brand building, waste is good.”…

Link to Full Article: Great brands ‘thrive on wastage’

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