Groups, Hospitals Enlist AI for Radiology

Radiologists may not think about video game components helping them do their work. But graphic processing units (GPU), the computing power behind video games, have been in radiology equipment for years. “You’d be hard pressed to find diagnostic instruments like CT, MRI, and ultrasound, that don’t have GPU embedded in them for real time reconstruction,” said Kimberly Powell, senior director of industry business development at the technology company NVIDIA. Now GPU processing technology is being applied to deep learning, also known as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Computer algorithms able to detect an intracranial hemorrhage? MetaMind has done that. Deep learning technologies that can find malignant lung nodules better than radiologists? Enlitic says their system does that. Medical groups and institutions like vRad and Massachusetts General Hospital are developing partnerships…

Link to Full Article: Groups, Hospitals Enlist AI for Radiology

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