GSK and Exscientia to collaborate on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is set to become big in terms of pharmaceutical product development. A proliferation of players including IBM, Arterys, Houston Methodist Hospital and Harvard University are actively seeking to apply artificial intelligence into the medical field. The small molecules will be for some 10 disease-related targets. The development process, Pharmaceutical Technology reports, will be driven by Exscientia receiving research payments from GlaxoSmithKline to begin drug discovery programs. The aim of these programs is to come up with suitable pre-clinical drug candidates. The deal is worth upward of $42.6 million, should all ten projects be suitably advanced. Exscientia deal with artificial intelligence, big data, and experimentation, each harnessed to supporting the drug discovery process. The aim of the artificial intelligence component is to operate systems that can actively learn best practice from vast repositories of discovery data. Together with the use of big data analytics, the company can work with other organizations to design millions of novel, project-specific compounds and pre-assess each selected compound for its predicted potency and selectivity. This approach helps conventional healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations with their digital transformative approach to drug development. The reason why there’s such an interest in using artificial intelligence for drug discovery…

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