Harry Potter and the Artificial Intelligence

Max Deutsch trained a neural network using the first four Harry Potter books and then asked it to write its own chapter. “The Malfoys!” said Hermione. Harry was watching him. He looked like Madame Maxime. When she strode up the wrong staircase to visit himself. “I’m afraid I’ve definitely been suspended from power, no chance – indeed?” said Snape. He put his head back behind them and read groups as they crossed a corner and fluttered down onto their ink lamp, and picked up his spoon. The doorbell rang. It was a lot cleaner down in London. Hermione yelled. The party must be thrown by Krum, of course. Harry collected fingers once more, with Malfoy. “Why, didn’t she never tell me. …” She vanished. And then, Ron, Harry noticed, was…

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