Harvard Data Science Course Competition

Instructors: Pavlos Protopapas, Kevin Rader, Weiwei Pan Problem: Lung Cancer Diagnosis Given a suspect region in an X-ray image of a patient’s lung, the task is to predict if the region contains a malignant or benign tumor. In the data set provided, each region is described by 103 attributes, and the response label is 1 for a malignant cancer and 0 otherwise. You are provided a training set containing both the predictors and labels, and a test set with only the predictors. Fit a suitable classification model to the training set and submit your predictions on the test set. Throughout the competition, the leader board will display the performance of your model on a random subset of the test set, while the final evaluation (to be announced on Nov 16th, 11:59pm) would be based on the performance of your…

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