Having Conquered ‘Go’, Google’s DeepMind AI Takes on ‘StarCraft II’

When artificial intelligence designers seek to pit their creations against humans in games, they tend to stick to those with reputations as brain teasers spanning millennia. Back in the ’90s Garry Kasparov faced off against IBM’s Deep Blue in chess (complete with accusations of cheating aimed at the machine), and just a little over half a year ago Google’s AlphaGo AI beat Lee Sedol at the ancient Chinese game of Go. Both systems were victorious. But now DeepMind, the Google subsidiary behind AlphaGo, has its sights on more modern stuff, specifically the real-time strategy video game and esports darling StarCraft II. At Blizzcon in California yesterday, the company announced that it’s working with StarCraft maker Blizzard Entertainment to create an API for artificial intelligence that’ll be available to researchers and…

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