Head of Infrastructure (RTB / Machine Learning)

Sulvo, the 3-year-old technology company with a patent-pending price prediction tool is looking for its Head of Infrastructure to refine and expand capabilities in RTB (real-time-bidding) and Machine Learning. At Sulvo we have some patent-pending and extremely efficient price prediction algorithms that already helped hundreds of independent publishers to increase their earnings by 25-250% in the matter of hours. We experienced a 100% quarter-over-quarter growth in 2016 so far and the new demand has pushed our limits to new heights. We are looking for our Head of Infrastructure to help us refine our ad tech stack and build a robust machine learning back-end infrastructure to supplement our currently live price-prediction technology. About Sulvo and our culture: Being one of the fastest-growing startups in America, Sulvo has already demonstrated its strong…

Link to Full Article: Head of Infrastructure (RTB / Machine Learning)

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