How Accountants Can Prepare For the Age of AI

The financial industry has faced sweeping changes many times in its past, from the advent of computing technologies to increased regulatory scrutiny. Nothing, however, has ever stood to shake up the industry quite like artificial intelligence. Rapid advances in artificial intelligence have left many industry analyst predicting dire future scenarios where human accountants have been supplanted by robots and software. Just how accurate are these predictions, and what exactly does the Age of AI mean for CPAs? More and more accountants are struggling to understand what the future may hold for them. Luckily, they need not enter the world of tomorrow unprepared and uneducated on what the future may bring. Accounts hoping to survive and thrive in the age of artificial intelligence must begin by understanding forthcoming technologies. Learning to future-proof your career won’t be easy, but by taking the right steps, a CPA can learn to exploit automation and big data analytics, rather than fear them. Automation’s potential The first thing an accountant must come to terms with is the awesome potential of machine automation. Already, a plethora of accounting firms employ centralized systems which can crunch numbers more efficiently than any human could ever hope to. As innovators…

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