How AI is secretly transforming everything Apple does

Apple is investing heavily in machine learning.Photo: Scott Schaut/Mansfield Memorial MuseumWhen it comes to the incredibly hot field of AI, Apple has been racing to catch up with Google and Facebook. A new article reveals exactly when Apple’s interest in this area began paying off: July 30, 2014, a.k.a. the date Siri switched over to deep learning. A type of machine learning built around brain-like “neural networks,” the switch drastically improved on Siri’s accuracy. However, as is typical for ultra-secretive Apple, the company didn’t boast about — or even publicize — its success. The article notes that Apple now has “a lot” of people working on machine learning, although these are evenly spread throughout the company, as opposed to representing one distinct department. The result is that the technology is now being…

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