How AI will help you sleep better at night

Artificial intelligence (AI) knows no boundaries. The innovation in this area is astonishing and the next five years will be nothing short of exciting. Even while you’re sleeping, it’s possible that new AI technologies will be hard at work, ensuring you get a good night of quality, uninterrupted sleep. Sounds pretty good, right? The Abysmal state of sleep in the US As Americans, we’re getting a failing grade when it comes to sleep. Just consider the following statistics gathered by the American Sleep Association (ASA): 50-70 million American adults have a sleep disorder. Insomnia is a major issue, with 30 percent of adults reporting short term problems and 10 percent self-reporting chronic insomnia. 48 percent of people snore on a regular basis. 37.9 percent of people unintentionally fall asleep at…

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